Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Can Rabbits Eat TomatoesRabbits need to eat fibre-rich meals in order to live healthy lives. The majority of your rabbit’s diet should consist of hay and pellets, which are good sources of minerals and fibre. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, can be fine for your rabbit as well, but they should be treated more as a treat.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’ve ever pondered whether your rabbit could savour the juicy sweetness of a tomato. Tomatoes can rabbits eat them? If so, how much excess is acceptable? If tomatoes are a good choice for your pet rabbit, we contacted Samantha Henson, a certified clinical pet nutritionist with Next Generation Pet Wellness, for additional information.

Can Rabbits enjoy eating tomatoes as a treat

Can Rabbits enjoy eating tomatoes as a treat?

Yes, but first you should be aware of a few things.

Although tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins A and C, they are also high in sugar, which negates some of their health benefits. The trick is to consume a small amount, as with all fruits and vegetables.

Because of their high sugar content and potentially hazardous tomato pieces, Henson, a pet nutritionist, told The Dodo that tomatoes are not her first choice of food for rabbits. “I constantly weigh the benefits and drawbacks of foods before making a choice,” the speaker said.

Risks of tomatoes for Rabbits

First things first: properly wash any fruits and vegetables before giving them to your rabbit because they could contain poisons or pesticides. While tomato leaves and seeds are poisonous when consumed in excessive quantities, tomato meat is not poisonous.

Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly remove any leaves, stems, and seeds before giving your rabbit any food. Additionally, Henson advised giving a rabbit little amounts of any new food before introducing it, then watching his behaviour and excrement for any adverse reactions.

How many tomatoes can a rabbit safely eat?

It’s ideal to think of a tomato (or any other fruits and vegetables) as a special treat for your rabbit when determining how much of one to give him, as was previously said. Abdominal discomfort is very likely to happen if you overindulge in a treat.

How many tomatoes can a rabbit safely eat

For a rabbit older than 12 weeks old, Henson said, “a small acorn-size portion of seedless tomato per day is totally good.” Therefore, as long as you only give your rabbit a small quantity of tomato flesh and a seedless tomato, tomatoes are generally a good fruit to share with them. Here’s to eating well so you and your rabbit can enjoy yourselves to the fullest!


Check before you start giving your bunny something new to eat because maintaining a healthy diet for your rabbit depends on getting it right. It’s important to avoid assuming our rabbits can have things they actually can’t have. Luckily, tomatoes are a healthy choice when consumed in moderation.

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